What I Offer

Become Your Own Superhero!

That’s not just a tagline, but a mantra. You’ve seen the physiques of all your favorite heroes (and some villains even!), but how actually having it? Want to be lean and athletic like Batman or Deadpool? Put on more muscle and be built like Thor or Hulk? Or ladies, want a toned up and stacked body like Wonder Woman or even a slimmed version like Black Widow? I got you covered!

One-On-One Superhero Training!

With fun, safe and coordinated exercises through circuit training that focus on toning, strengthening and growth, and a comprehensive nutrition plan based off of your goals in mind and assesments to determine a foundation, we will get you in caped crusader form in no time! Doesn’t matter if you’re a complete novice or have experience with free weights and other implements, I guarantee to get you where you need to be and have fun doing it! Working with me one-on-one will be an exciting fitness journey and I will be there every step of the way to guide. Think of me as your Nick Fury helping you bring out your inner Avenger!

One-On-One Price Per Session: $25/session.

Don’t Want To Do It Alone? No Problem with the League of Boot Camps!

Don’t believe that One-On-One Training is for you or simply can’t make it to my destinations? No problem! With the League of Boot Camps, we’ll still get you working out along with other Superheroes in Training either in a group setting, or in the comfort of your own home by accessing the Boot Camp online! An hour long session of dynamic circuit training for strength, speed, agility, quickness, injury prevention/correctiveness, stability and power that will get you to your proper combat suit weight in no time! I offer four separate Boot Camps to choose from in the League:

The League of Boot Camps!

Superheroes Boot CampFor the novice looking to get their foot in the door, but also looking to knock down barriers. This boot camp is designed to make you sweat but also gain muscle, tone areas, lose weight, and gain strength. With a separate circuit every session and targeting separate areas each time, this boot camp will do more than make you into the hero you’re destined to be, but also keep your body in tip top shape!

Super Mom Boot CampFor the mom who’s wanting to tone up and slim down. Who says you can’t get your body back?! Let me help you get it back but better than ever! This boot camp is designed just for that! Focusing on high intensity and bodyweight exercises that are built to tone and more core dominated exercises for stability, you’ll be back to your Super self in no time flat!

Super Seniors Boot CampFor the grizzled veterans looking to get back in the game! Thid boot camp is designed to help with core stability, bone density growth, and corrective exercises to prevent injury or reverse past wear and tear, we will have you back to your old self sooner rather than later!

Super Sidekick Boot CampEvery good superhero needs a strong sidekick when times get tough. This is for the little ones who want to give the superhero lifestyle a shot and want to help their Super Moms and Dads in fighting evil! Focusing more on cardio, speed, agility, and quickness, the Super Sidekick Boot Camp is perfect for kids to keep them active and help them in starting a healthy regimen early in life.

Cost of the Boot Camp: $30/session or $100/month