What I Offer

Become Your Own Superhero!

Want to be lean and athletic like Batman or Deadpool? Put on more muscle and be built like Thor or Hulk? Or ladies, want a toned up and stacked body like Wonder Woman or even a slimmed version like Black Widow? I got you covered!

One-On-One Superhero Training!

With fun, safe and coordinated exercises through circuit training that focus on toning, strengthening and growth, we will get you in caped crusader form in no time! Doesn’t matter if you’re a complete novice or have experience with free weights and other implements, I guarantee to get you where you need to be and have fun doing it! Working with me one-on-one will be an exciting fitness journey and I will be there every step of the way to guide. Think of me as your Nick Fury helping you bring out your inner Avenger!

One-On-One Price Per Session: $40/session.

Stretching Is Important!

Though solo/at-home stretching is very important, it should be used to fill in the gaps in between assisted stretches, as the latter provides many more benefits. The Assisted Stretch Program will help providemore mobility, flexibility, range of motion and improve quality of life!

The Assisted Stretch Program!

The Assisted Stretch Program provides alleviation in the three main problem areas of the body: The Neck/Shoulders, The Lower Back, and the Hips/Legs. There will be 18 stretches in the overall program but each session will be tailored based on overall need and keeping the body guessing. Not every stretch will be used every time as it more pertains to which will be needed to alleviate the ailments for that individual.

Price Per Session: $30/session.