Welcome to Jay Dee Fitness!

After some delays acropped-img_20170106_171659_508.jpgnd tweaks to everything, we’re finally live! It feels so good to get this portion done as it allows me to write about the thing I love on my own site and promote myself through my own webspace! You can now look up session rates for at home and online training as well as boot camps I’ll be running. You can also keep track of my Facebook and Instagram posts through the site as well (which if you haven’t added both, go ahead and do so)!

This, however, is just the beginning. As I continue to expand one space front, as will my content. There are a lot of things in the plans that will come to fruition in the near future. Here are a few examples:

Weekly Blog Updates: Outside of my various selfies that I love to take, I’ll also be providing a weekly blog with nutrition advice, workout tips, and words of encouragement. There may be some nerdy things thrown in as well, so fair warning there.

Live Events: I will be incorporating more Facebook and Instagram Live events and, the thing I’m most proud of, setting up a FREE LIVE workout session for those that are in the know and subscribe to my page and newsletter! That’s right! A FREE workout session with yours truly and you don’t even have to leave your house. How cool is that?!

The Caped Chronicles Newsletter:  A bi-weekly newsletter that will be sent out to those that subscribe to the site! Within the newsletter will be recipes, workouts, news from the industry, and news pertaining to Jay Dee Fitness, including the announcement of free live sessions! Definitely worth the subscription to a plethora of information that’s as good for you as my training! Bam!

Vlog Updates: Along with weekly blogs (and of course selfies), you’ll get to see this ugly mug in motion with Jay Dee’s Vlog! These are sneak peeks into my life inside and outside of the fitness world! A lot of trials, tribulations, and fur babies galore! Between chasing my fur kids, hitting the gym, getting regimens set and interacting with my fellow fitness trainer roommate, you’ll get to see it all!

So welcome and here’s to moving onward! Can’t wait to see you all there with me!



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